Advent Intercessions

Eternal God, we come to you during this season of hope. 

May the power of Jesus be born in us again. 

Rekindle that power in those who have grown weary. 

Restore hope to those whose present or past lives have become a burden. 

Renew within us the vision and excitement of lives which are motivated, 

Show us our own personal sense of mission

Be with those who are imprisoned in a past which cripples them or makes new possibilities seem impossible.

Provide a way of reframing their past so that it no longer imprisons, so that it can be seen as something which hekps them better understand the human experience and relate to the sufferings of others.

You come, gentle Jesus, to a world of broken people. 

Come again to us and transform us as you did those who experienced your touch and your grace. 

May some new truth excite us, 

may the possibility of some new loving behaviour look achievable,

 and may some new vision claim us. 

We pray for those who need your special touch: 

those who are ill, those who are lonely, those who are grieving.

those for whom the season causes sadness or depression; 

those who are lonely; 

those who are departed and those who mourn the death of any whom they have loved

those whose lives are forever compromised by frailty of the body and who will never be fully active again. 

We pray also for our world: 


in constant strife, 

filled with passions and rage and uncertainty. 

Hold this world in your compassionate embrace. 

Enable us as a global people to care for one another and to see those who are different from us less as threats and enemies and more as your loving children. 

May a new world be born. 

Lord in your mercy

Hear our prayer.

Emma Major is an LLM at St Nicolas, Earley, Reading in the Diocese of Oxford,

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