Christmas Day Sermon [reflection]

Christmas shows us a God who is so committed to this complex world, to our complex world, that he is born into it as one of us. The things we celebrate and give thanks for today are the start of the solution to all of the issues we face, every single one. Because we know that this world and everyone in it is this precious to God, we must lead with the conviction that everyone has worth and that life itself is sacred.  

What God does in Jesus Christ is not sentimental or soft or sensible or safe. It is courageous and daring and selfless and determined. In Jesus, God is saying that he has had enough. Enough of being taken for granted. Enough of being forgotten. Enough of being kept far away. Enough of being protected and ignored. Enough. God comes in Jesus Christ, in the cold quiet of the night, to love us. 

He creeps in next to us, because he wants to be with us. We have shoved him away for long enough, gone through the motions, kept up appearances. And God has had enough of it. 

Christmas is an act of outrageous love. God in Jesus Christ lays aside his power and his might and is born, like us, into a world of dependence and need, into a world of risk and danger, into a world of love and possibility, into our world, like we were. 

And he has a plan- to make the love of God so real, so tangible, so touchable, so present that we can no longer overlook it, or look around it. The world, the fragile, flawed, fallen, beautiful world, our fragile, flawed, fallen, beautiful world, is changed and healed and restored through this love, and so are we. 

Richard Lamey is the Rector of St Paul, Wokingham and Area Dean of Sonning in the Diocese of Oxford.

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