First Week of Advent

Hope: Mission Impossible? [bible/reflection]

2020 sadly saw the loss of two giants of British Cinema. Firstly, Diana Rigg, star of the Avengers television show, where she played the cat-suited agent Emma Peel, and then Sean Connery, famous for his portrayal of James Bond. Both personified the suave 1960s spy image, with daring stories of espionage, and today I want …

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Stars falling from heaven [bible/reflection]

First Sunday of Advent: Mark 13.24-27 In The Last Battle by C. S. Lewis, once the apocalypse is underway, the stars are called home. The visiting earth-children watch it happen: the sky grows dark, streaks of light criss-cross the sky, but then instead of fiery orbs, glowing humanoid figures assemble. There’s a sense of relief …

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Hope in a Time of Uncertainty – A Journey [meditation]

This is the first of four meditative and artistic journeys, written and created by Petra Shakeshaft. We invite you to settle in, and see where she takes you on this beautiful journey of Hope in Advent. We return to Petra’s journey as we move through the weeks. You can download her original pdf at the …

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