Third Week of Advent

Reading Isaiah with love [biblical/reflection]

As we celebrate the third Sunday of Advent, Gaudete Sunday, the Church turns for a moment to joy in what is traditionally a penitential season. Despite the challenges and loss of this year, we feel joy because the saviour is drawing near. The words of Isaiah resonate with nostalgia, connecting us to advents past; to …

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Joy in a Time of Uncertainty – A Journey [meditation]

This is the last of four meditative and artistic journeys, written and created by Petra Shakeshaft. We invite you to settle in, and see where she takes you on this beautiful journey of Joy in Advent. Petra’s journey has woven through these weeks of Advent. You can download her original pdf at the end of …

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Lady Wisdom, O Sapienta [bible/tradition/reflection]

Link >> Ecclesiasticus 24.1-9 In the additional Eucharistic lectionary readings for today, we are given a beautiful passage from the Wisdom of Solomon, a book of the Apocrypha in which God’s wisdom is personified, as she is elsewhere in the Biblical wisdom literature, as a woman, divine and royal, sought after and desired by all …

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