Hope [poetry]

Is it a surprise,
That we wait
Amidst the sun’s shadows lengthening?

Are we shocked,
As the desperate fingers of trees
Are unveiled twisting, stretching and 
grasping yet still for the light?

Are we amazed,
When the lights dance
In the night sky like multi-faceted fairies floating above our heads?

Do we see,
The frost framed flowers 
that still yearn for warmth, frozen in time 
Like a message from time gone by?

Are we waiting,
Still, unmoved, hesitant,
As the birth pangs herald 
The screaming bloodiness of birth?

Are we safe,
In the knowledge that in some other place
In some other time a man walked and 
Nails pierced the rough readiness of mortal flesh?

And still we wait,
Caught in the time between times
As a child’s delighted laughter
Fills the night sky with news of a saviour. 

Paul Arnold