Hope Changes Everything (1)

Hope: changes everything

If you ask me what hope is, what would I say? 

That I think It’s the most precious commodity we have, and need, every day

It’s more important than anything else and it has power, beyond measure

In this way, Hope, really is, a priceless treasure

It’s what gets us up and out of bed

The belief that maybe, even in a dark place, with us angels may tread

For a Christian, hope is believing in things unseen

Trusting in things unknown, over the abyss daring to lean

The willingness to try

To fly

To live

To love

It’s faith. 

Simply put:

Hope changes everything

Faith and hope go hand in hand.

Without hope we have nothing

There isn’t really a point

We drift

We dither

We dangle

Get ourselves tied up in a tangle

Sometimes hope can feel absent and missing

Like it’s slipping through our fingers against our wishing

Life batters at us and tries to steal it away

Or we reject it, push it aside and turn our backs

 in favour of a narrative of bitterness and cynicism, 

a story we choose to tell coloured with pain and hurt.

That keeps us dragged down in the dirt.

But, if we let it,

Hope will come back and let us rise, like maya angelou says

To be more, knock down the doubters, push aside the limits that others would apply

Hope is flammable and contagious

Hard to contain…

A little hope goes a long way

And it changes everything

Without evidence or proof, Hope lets us invest, in a knowledge 

That we are loved beyond measure

There is more to this life

Than the fleeting moments of the hours in each day

That we matter

We count

We might leave a mark

That with God alongside us there will always be a light in the dark

This time last year in our capital city

Another terrorist attack, 

A messed up individual with a divisive ideology, a hatred run deep

Swearing and stomping, knife blades and bombs

blood drawn, Lives lost, fear triggered.

And yet, even in this, we saw hope.

Citizens turned towards the danger to protect and defend

Using narwhale tusks grabbed from a wall

A fire extinguisher and sheer guts.

All is not lost, God is with us,

There is always, always hope. Even there, even then. 

We will rise, hope will regain it’s hold and build us up.

We celebrate this day, as we watch and we wait

Hope is never all lost, and holding to it changes everything. 

Chantal Noppen is Team Vicar of North Wearside, in the Diocese of Durham.

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