Pieces of Peace [meditation]

Pieces of Peace

‘What do you want?’ ‘World peace’ goes the joke for Miss World contestants

On the film Miss Congeniality

With an undignified snigger or snort through the nose,

A smirk or an eyeroll from those in the know,

It’s accepted as an acceptable unrealistic twee hope

That can’t ever really happen. Nope.

But why can’t it?

Could it?

What does it mean?

We call Jesus the Prince of Peace but we see in the Bible, even as a child,

he was far from meek and mild

Why do we forget that? 

And set ourselves this limit of being gentle, compliant? 

Turn being a Christian to demand ‘niceness’ 

Don’t ‘rock the boat-ness’

Or say what you mean.

I wonder if actually we’re meant to be prepared to fight, as it were, for peace

To be willing to seek out

actively reach out 

and grasp, the pieces of peace

Gripping on to it, tightly, like a precious treasure that can turn the world upside down

Cos it can. Or it could.

If only it would!

Sometimes it’s right that we seek the courage to challenge injustice

To call out and shake up the powers that be,

Demand change, want better

And realise that such challenging is peace seeking, in a different light.

I’m starting to believe that peace is actually something we build and stitch together

In pieces

From pieces

it’s not a blanket whole thing that we can buy off the shelf

Or order online

But rather a tapestry formed of good conversation,

Honest dialogue woven with compassion, mercy and integrity

Bridges built over time, grudges released

Forgiveness granted, healing sought

Giving the benefit of the doubt and making the choice to believe the best of people.

Rather than a passive stagnant trophy we can’t obtain

Why not understand peace as an intentional dynamic action we add to and grow into.

That actually each and every one of us, in our way

Has a role to play in world peace, 

so it doesn’t need to be a joke. 

Peace is not passive

Of that I’ve become sure

Too often, perhaps we’re replacing it with apathy, irresponsibility and of our duty, deniability

Let’s stop that 

And give peace a chance.

Let’s seek it, catch it and thread the pieces of peace together.

The Rev’d Chantal Noppen

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