Hope on rainbow breezes

A poem exploring the very real experience of death and grief in lockdown and the way that God whispers in our ears at the hardest of times, bringing hope into the darkness. 

Pushing through long days

Whilst time is running out for

Death is cynosure

I am breathless

Planning for memorials 

When we crash land

O Lord, be with us

We are not prepared for this


Tears fall too free

Streams become rivers until

We are grief islands

Wails behind walls

Silently sung with millions

Stolen by windstorm

Is anyone there?

Alone in the wilderness

No one to soothe me

Cherished connections

Cut to pieces the flowers

Love embroidered

Why must I walk

This lonely path alone?

Is this the cliff edge?

Sleep promises peace

Yet dreams lie and pain awakes

Again each morning 

Light brings more darkness

Lily of the valley scent

Fills empty rooms

Earth to earth

Yet we cannot walk

Hand in hand

A bird without wings

My grief has clipped my spirit

But I hear you say

“Try again

To find strength to carry on

On that I insist”

I will wake each day

Engage my senses to you

Sparkling on spring dew

Your hope floats free

That carries me like a leaf

On rainbow breezes

Emma Major is an LLM at St Nicolas, Earley, Reading in the Diocese of Oxford.

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