Poems of Joy [poetry]

We walked in darkness

A poem inspired by Isaiah 9:2-7

We walked in the darkness

Now the light is upon us

God has brought us joy

He has filled us with rejoicing

Unto us 

A child is born

A son

A ruler of all

Wonderful Counsellor

Mighty God

Everlasting Father

Prince of Peace

He will have no end

He will reign on David’s throne

He will bring justice to all

Forever and ever


Sing to the Lord

A poem inspired by Psalm 96

Sing to the Lord a new song

blessing his name

celebrating the earth

telling of his salvation

Sing to the Lord a new song

to all the peoples

of all the nations

praising his holy name

Sing to the Lord a new song

of his beauty

his strength

his majesty above all

Come to God all you peoples

bring offerings

come to his courts

tremble before him

Tell the nations

the Lord is King

let the heavens be glad

let the earth rejoice

Sing for joy

The Lord is coming

he will bring salvation

he is bringing truth.

Emma Major is an LLM at St Nicolas, Earley, Reading in the Diocese of Oxford.

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