The Beginning of the Good News [bible/reflection]

‘The beginning of the good news’ Today’s scripture: Mark 1:1-8

Some thoughts on today’s scripture:

Mark begins his Gospel with his introduction of John the Baptist— but, before Mark tells us that this is “the beginning of the Good News of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.” It’s news that is, above all things, good. Sometimes we forget that. “Religion” becomes something that we “have” to do, or “should” do. A list of do’s and don’ts. A parade of sallow-faced and furrowed men and women pontificating on morality, or doctrines.

But, the news that we have isn’t bad news. It’s good. It’s news of joy and gladness. Redemption and release. And, here at the onset of the Gospel of Mark, and at this time when we are preparing our hearts and homes for the coming of Christ…it’s beginning.

Putting yourself in today’s scripture:

Imagine yourself witnessing the scene, perhaps standing in the shallows, the water flowing around your ankles. Picture the scene and allow it to unfold. What is it like? You mingle with the crowds listening to John the baptiser. You join the queue waiting for John’s baptism: a symbol of purifying but also of birth – coming up out of the waters into a new life as God’s beloved child. Lord, when I realise that you love me, and are well pleased with me, it is like the start of a new life. As I hear your voice, I know that I have a purpose and a destiny.

Responding to today’s scripture:

What thoughts, feelings and images have emerged in this time of prayer?
How has the Spirit been at work in your heart as you have prayed? What
is Jesus’ invitation to you? Respond to Jesus invitation in word or image.
You might like to jot down what has emerged from your prayer time in a journal.

The Revd Kathryn Evans
Material taken from ‘Sacred Space’ by the Irish Jesuits,