The Table

after Edip Cansever

A Father, full of the joy of living, 

spread out his love like a cloth 

and laid it on the table.

He put all of life there, the weak, the vulnerable, the lost

He placed them on the table.

Hopes and dreams, he put those there too.

He placed there the darkness that covered the earth

and the light that brings in a new day.

Earthquakes, floods, plagues and pandemics. 

He put them all on the table.

He counted seven, ten, forty and he put his counting on the table,

He divided a whole into two and put the halves on the table.

Everything he made, he put on the table. 

Goodness, he put that on the table too.

Trees, plants, animals and flowers he put those on the table.

He put both work and rest on the table.

All the people he loved, and the people he was angry with,

he put them on the table.

He gathered up some straw and placed that there too.

And, into the bundle of straw, he placed his child

He put on that table, all of life.

Bread and wine he placed there.

The tremor of song,

the burning of prayer.

The memory of connection,

the pain of rejection.

He put them all on the table and invited us to it.

So many days he had wanted us to join him

He put those days on the table as well.

And still, he waits at the table.

The table is not full yet, it waits with the Father’s waiting

for us, to place what we want, on the table.

Jennifer Beaumont is Assistant Curate of St Mary, Davyhulme in the Diocese of Manchester.

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