Undistracted [art/meditation]

See how magnificently undistracted Mary is.

Her eyes are fixed in one place and one place only.

Her gaze is upon the will of God.

He has her attention and for this moment, she has his.

Relationship, obedience, devotion, harmony.

The people are all around her, with their books, their symbols, their opinions and conversations – worthy as they may be.

But her gaze is fixed, transfixed as his will is transcended. 

What would it mean to fix our gaze upon God through this Advent?

To not allow the clamour to stop us from taking that moment, a moment like this in this picture,

whereby, we are consoled, guided, equipped, and prepared, to bear the Christlight into our world. 

by The Rev’d Arwen Folkes

Image: Piero di Cosimo, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons